The Gorgeous Gingers

A page full of links to Gorgeous Ginger Cats on the web.  

This is a page where blogging Ginger cats can get together and post links to their pages. Your host is Fat Eric.

If you are a Gorgeous Ginger and would like to put your link on this page, please e-mail me with your link and a picture of yourself. We will add you to this page. (Please put "Gorgeous Gingers" in the subject line of your e-mail to avoid our computer thinking it is spam...)
When you have admired the Gorgeous Gingers on this page, click here to visit those Gorgeous Gingers who have gone ahead to the Rainbow Bridge.
Miss Peach Alfie
Sandy Goldie
Dexter Pooh Bear
Saffron Eddi
Peanut Maxie
Rusty Fred & Barney


February 2006  

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