The Gorgeous Gingers

A page full of links to Gorgeous Ginger Cats on the web.  

This is a page where blogging Ginger cats can get together and post links to their pages. Your host is Fat Eric.

If you are a Gorgeous Ginger and would like to put your link on this page, please e-mail me with your link and a picture of yourself. We will add you to this page. (Please put "Gorgeous Gingers" in the subject line of your e-mail to avoid our computer thinking it is spam...)
When you have admired the Gorgeous Gingers on this page, click here to visit those Gorgeous Gingers who have gone ahead to the Rainbow Bridge.
Miss Peach Alfie
Sandy Goldie
Dexter Pooh Bear
Saffron Eddi
Peanut Maxie
Rusty Fred & Barney

I'll get Mom right on this! I definitely have to join. I'm a little on the "buff" side of ginger - is that okay??

~ moose
Hi Eric, thanks for invitin' me to join! Mom has to get a picture of just me, though, 'cause right now all she has are me and Smeagol together.

Thanks for inviting Zephy to your club! He's not much for writing (possibly because his brain is the size of a walnut) but he is a handsome guy who I suppose deserves a little recognition.
you have mail from Rhett!
Hi Moose, I don't think buff exists as a kitty colour in Britain, we just call it ginger so you are fine!
Thanks, Eric - aren't we just the prettiest bunch EVER??
~ moose
Very nice Eric. Plus your animated kittie looks like the ceramic kittie that mum boughted at the store.
Hey, it's kinda cool that you handsome ginger kitties got a gang too. I gotta remember to send the Tuxie gang my picture so I'm all official. I get busy napping tho.
Hmmm, Interesting, that all of the ginger cats are boy cats! Is there a pattern here?
I got Mama to send you a photo, Eric!

Do we get secret pawshakes and codewords and stuff :-)

And...if I'm in a gang, does that make me a big boy? Pandora says I'm still a snotrag....

I still say Charlie & Oscar are twins. Don't let your heads get too big by all the ginger cat sweetness. Scuse me, hair ball... or something.
The GGs have just got their first invitation....

Edsel is planning to throw a Tuxie party, and he's said the GG's can come too......but no rumbles!

He said it'll be like West Side Story - does he live on the West Side then?

I know who's missing! Ullrick!

is our suede the first babelicious ginger babette amongst the toms? cool.
Can we post on here yet, Eric?

Canwe, canwe, canwe??

[strains at invisible leash]

Hi Charlie

At the moment it's not really a page for chatting on. But my mum is planning to redesign the page and do stuff like putting the photos in rows instead of in a long line. She says she will make a place for chatting too. She has got two weeks' holiday coming up (school closed for Easter) so she will see what she can do.
Hello! I was just following up on your suggestion, Fat Eric. I was curious how I can get the dancing kitty to dance on my page!
Looks like we lost all the pictures and links...
The GG page is fixed!!
Hi, everyone!
I'm so excited that I'm a GG! My beans are going to get a better photo soon. Everyone come visit- we can gang up on the Other One at my house.
please purray for Sandy Red Tigger. Hez a ginger kitty and goin ovur da bridge ta heaven soon.

you can see hiz foto at dis site:

tank u
Thank you Eric for inviting me to join the Gingers! Meowma says she sent a picture of me, but forgot the link to my blog. She says she will send all of it within the next few days.
and where is my pic? Crying =^^´=
nice nice cats! =^^=
my tuxedo is considering a lawsuit ;)
Wow, a cluster of cuteness here! I used to have a ginger cat -- he even had a perfectly shaped G on his side (a quite large one). So it was easy to name him: Gee.

Nowadays, I have regular visits from a ginger cat. He comes to my porch to taunt my tabby through the window. I have a picture of their confrontation through the window posted on my blog right now. Stop by and take a peek.

I'm going to link to your lovely pictures.
We finally got our Ginger kitty on our blog (our Mom is a little slow).

Tamir is officially a Proud Member of the Gorgeous Gingers now!!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids
I don't have a kitty any more, but had to say how beautiful all of you are, I am sending purrs and headbutts. I use to have two brother gingers, but they have been at the bridge for 21 years now, waiting for me.
Maximus Spittimus has asked me to say - with all due respect - get your arse - or if you are American, Ass - in gear.

He advises me that he mailed you his pic yesterday and he is not yet on your site.

Maximus Spittimus would like to advise you that he is the only reason the universe exists and it will cease to exist if his picture does not appear within 48 hours from now.

I am merely his mouthpiece.

For and on behalf of Maximus Spittimus.

Four Dinners.

Aide-de-camp to
Maximus Spittimus
Maximus Spittimus ( has asked me to say - on the grounds his glorious pictures have yet to appear after a substantial time...


so there.

Four Dinners
Aide de Camp
Maximus Spittimus
Hi Eric
Can you help us with our blog. We keep posting and did send an email with our pictures. HOW do we get through to the Gorgeous Gingers ('cause we are)
Have you any tips on making our blog more searchable.
When I was little I had a dog named ginger, buy viagra and once accidentally ate one and died.
Oh, what beautiful cats. We lost our ginger cat Crystal this January but we still have our huge ginger Rusty. We really miss Crystal and know you are missing Fat Eric too.
Wow these Cats are very cute...
Cute kitties and I love those animated cats. I have a cat before named Katie but she's now in my memories; she died 1 and a half year ago.

Dog Fence
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